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Capvision Berlin celebrates one year

November 27, 2014

Capvision team

It’s hard to believe it, but it has already been one year since Capvision opened its European operational hub in Berlin, Germany! We continue to grow quickly, and currently have a team of twenty professionals from all… | More »

Capvision at a glance

Capvision is a global research firm founded in 2006 with co-headquarters in Shanghai, China, and Berlin, Germany.  With a total of 350 employees in eight offices on three continents and more than 500 clients around the world, Capvision is one of the fastest growing research companies of its kind.

Our mission is to help business leaders and industry specialists maximize their global reach and professional growth by providing our clients with unrivaled and fully compliant on-the-ground intelligence and insight.  |  More »

In brief

Regulatory compliance

In today’s increasingly harsh regulatory environment, peace of mind is one of the... | More »

Your privacy

Capvision will never sell or share your private personal information with any third party... | More »

Geographic and industry coverage

Capvision aims to be the best provider of network-driven research services across industries... | More »

Client services

The core of Capvision’s services is the Capvision Knowledge Network — a social... | More »

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